about us

Kollëre コレリ 【セネガルのウォロフ語で長く一緒にいる人、幼なじみという意味】


Kollëre/Blue Gingerは、アフリカの自然由来のオーガニック製品を環境保護や地元民への利益の還元をしながら製造している団体や会社から直接購入しています。雑貨も取り扱っています。


“Kollëre” means “someone staying with for a long time” or  “a friend from childfood” in Wolof language in Senegal.


Our concept is to provide healthy “foods” , “relaxation”, or ” space” where you can feel yourself away from normal life like the relaxing time when you travel, and make people smile.
Our objective is to cooporate with local women’s groups in Africa by conducting some projects themed on “unit” which aims at the mutual benefits between Japan and Africa as a business.


Cafe Kollëre is a small cafe in use of manually renovated old Japanese-styled house in Kobe themed on African relaxation.
Kollëre imports the products directly from NGOs/companies who produce with environment friendly operation in their own production site as well as returning the benefits to local people.